About Us

Multi-Konsults Ltd. is located on Plot 29 Clement Hill Road and was registered as a partnership in Uganda in 1981 and thereafter became a Limited company in September 2004. The Directors have developed the Company into professional practice of totally committed personnel. The Company now employs 6 Registered Engineers, a Technologist, and 7 Graduate Engineers on a full time basis, another 2 Engineers on Associate basis, 2 Technicians on full time basis and 5 Administrative staff. The Company has had over 35 years of computerization of the technical operations including AUTOCAD (computer aided design of services), plotting facilities and a local network. This results in speedy and accurate Design and Documentation and Compilation of Specification and Bills of Quantities for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building Services and other Engineering Studies. The firm owes its rapid growth to the great variety of experienced staff, very dedicated to the success of the firm and hence the firm’s ability to deliver work as and when promised to the Clients.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System

  • Determined the sequence and interaction of these processes
  • Determined the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective.
  • Ensured availability of resources needed to maintain the system
  • Put in place methods to monitor, measure and analyze these processes and,
  • Implemented actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes
  • Identified the processes needed for the Quality Management System and their application throughout the organization.
  • This shall be done in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard Organization. Outsourcing of services shall be governed by the rules applicable to Multi-Konsults Ltd. Hired consultants shall meet the operational requirements of Multi-Konsults Ltd.

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