Eng. Stephen Kangwamu



S. Kangwamu, B.Sc (Eng) (Hons) MUIPE, R.Eng. Senior Electrical Engineer/Director
Eng. Kangwamu has been with Multi-Konsults Ltd. since 1988. He is involved in the Designing, documentation and planning of all Electrical Engineering Services including:-

  • - Closed Circuit Television

    - Electronic Access Control Systems

    - Fire Detection and Intrusion Detection Systems in buildings, external and infrastructural services; as well as supervision of the works.

  • He provides consultancy services on Electrical Engineering aspects with regard to:-

- Survey of existing and new sites

- Design of new layout complete with Bills of Quantities and working drawings

- Evaluation of tenders

- Supervision of site, site inspections, meetings and valuations of construction works.

- Attend to snags during defects liability period.